Mr Madad Ali founding member of NEI

Dr Madad Ali

Founding Member Of NEI

Dr. Madad Ali, a distinguished medical professional, stands at the forefront of our mission at NEI. With a remarkable journey spanning continents and institutions, Dr. Madad Ali embodies unwavering commitment to medical education and community welfare.

A Journey of Excellence:

Dr. Madad Ali graduated from AIIMS New Delhi, embarking on a transformative path in medicine. Venturing to the US as an intern in a Yale University-affiliated program, he rapidly ascended the academic ladder. A residency program at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and a gastroenterology fellowship solidified his expertise.

An Academic Trailblazer:

Dr. Madad Ali made significant contributions as an Assistant Professor at New York Medical College, ultimately serving as Chief of GI and Endoscopy at St. Vincent’s Medical Center. His tenure extended for a decade, marked by influential research, publications, and nurturing medical residents.

A Global Educator:

His journey continued with teaching positions across diverse settings, from Aligarh Muslim University to Hackensack University Hospital. As an Adjunct Professor, he imparted advanced endoscopic expertise and enriched the education of countless medical professionals.

A Visionary Philanthropist:

Dr. Madad Ali didn’t stop at traditional education. He pioneered “Fatima University,” an online program dedicated to providing free education to underserved communities, in partnership with open learning courses. This initiative reflects his dedication to broadening access to knowledge and transforming lives.

Dr. Madad Ali epitomizes our commitment to education and community service. His leadership is a beacon of inspiration, igniting positive change and fostering a brighter future for all.