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Our work in India


In India we carry out our work as NEIEA ( The New Equitable and Innovative Educational Association). NEIEA was officially registered on April 18, 2022 as a section 8a non-profit educational organization. The failure of education during the pandemic highlighted the urgent need for a transformative model that could address shortcomings, ensure sustainability, and promote equity and inclusivity. The focus was on prioritizing education for marginalized groups, including girls, out-of-school, and dropout children, those requiring special education, Madrasa youth, and students attending low-quality private and public schools. The goal was to create a new and innovative educational system to meet the diverse needs of all learners.Traditional education often featured one-way teaching, emphasizing rote memorization from textbooks and stifling critical thinking and collaborative learning.After extensive discussions, a consensus emerged, favoring Discourse Oriented Pedagogy (DOP) as a superior educational approach to the previously predominant memorization-based method. Dr. K. N. Anandan, the founder of DOP, led informative sessions to elucidate this preferred pedagogy.

Discourse-Oriented Pedagogy (DOP) stands as an innovative educational approach defined by a set of core principles:

Harnessing Innate Expertise: DOP taps into the innate, unspoken knowledge that is uniquely human.

Tailored Pedagogy: DOP customizes its teaching methods to suit specific subjects, themes, academic levels, and individual learners.

Facilitating Knowledge Construction: DOP’s central aim is to enable the creation of knowledge systems, encompassing not only language but also fundamental subjects like Mathematics and Sciences.

Cognitive Empowerment: DOP challenges traditional, skill-based language teaching methodologies by highlighting the human mind’s remarkable capacity to construct knowledge.

Eclectic Inspiration: Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of disciplines including cognitive psychology, theoretical linguistics, Gestalt theories, Multiple intelligences theories, whole language, and critical pedagogy, DOP adopts an eclectic approach.

Inclusive Language Pedagogy: Importantly, DOP is not confined to teaching a particular language or restricted solely to children; it extends its applicability to all learners, regardless of age.

In essence, Discourse-Oriented Pedagogy places a strong emphasis on personalized, knowledge-centric, and inclusive teaching strategies, drawing from a rich tapestry of educational theories and practices.

Courses we offer:

  • English Beginner’s Level Course
  • English Proficiency Level Course
  • NIOS English
  • NIOS Math
  • Foundation Maths Course

Our Target Learners

Marginalized Private School Students

Extending our reach to marginalized students in private schools, ensuring they receive the support they need to succeed.

Homeless Children

Offering hope and education to homeless children, providing them with a pathway out of adversity.

Slum Children

Bridging educational gaps for slum-dwelling children, helping uplift their lives through learning.

Girl Students

Empowering young girls with access to quality education to break barriers and achieve their aspirations.


Rekindling the flame of learning for those who may have left school prematurely, offering them a chance to re-engage with education.

Madrasa Students

Ensuring educational inclusivity by extending our support to students from Madrasas.

Children from Public Schools

Enhancing the educational experiences of children attending public schools, making learning more accessible and effective

Our mission is to provide equal educational opportunities to all, regardless of their background or circumstances, and empower them to create a brighter future.For more information visit our website

10 days Teachers’ Training workshop for TMREIS By NEIEA
MV Foundation students attending NEIEA's FREE online foundational Math classes
MV Foundation students attending NEIEA's FREE online Beginner's level English classes
AICU students attending NEIEA's FREE online NIOS Math classes

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