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Empowering Futures Through FREE Education

Guiding the Way: Empowering Futures Through the Gift of Free Education – Because Every Learner Deserves a Chance to Shine and Reach for the Stars.



GED Preparation is a comprehensive educational program designed for individuals who did not complete their high school education but wish to earn an equivalent credential known as the General Equivalency Diploma (GED).

The GED is recognized as an equivalent to a high school diploma by educational institutions and employers across the United States and Canada.

The GED exam assesses proficiency in four main subjects


Language Arts


Social Studies

This description focuses on the Math and English components of GED Preparation.

NEI, a dedicated non-governmental organization, recognizes the profound significance of focusing on General Equivalency Diploma (GED) preparation for students in the United States.

The GED program stands as a critical bridge to education, empowerment, and boundless opportunity for individuals who seek to overcome past educational setbacks.

By prioritizing GED preparation, NEI aims to weave together the threads of a brighter future through education. Our commitment is driven by a deep understanding of the transformative impact that a GED can have on students’ lives.

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English as a Second Language(ESL)

GED Preparatory Course

At NEI, our mission is deeply rooted in providing transformative educational opportunities for immigrants in the United States. We understand the unique challenges immigrants face, such as language barriers and the need for recognized credentials. That’s why we offer a specialized ESL-GED program that combines language skills with preparation for the GED exam, empowering immigrants to overcome obstacles and thrive in their adopted country.

Our overarching goal is to foster confidence, forge community connections, and equip immigrants with the skills necessary for higher education and career advancement. We believe in personalized learning, led by experienced instructors, within a supportive environment. NEI is dedicated to being a guiding light for immigrants on their American journey, helping them achieve their dreams and build a brighter future in their new homeland.

NEI is dedicated to being a guiding light for immigrants on their American journey

Our Vision

To envision a society where all youth and citizens are able to obtain good quality education and use this to transform society ensuring human welfare, sustainability, and progress.

Our Mission

NEIEA has opted for Google Classroom. It is an online platform developed by Google to facilitate communication, collaboration, and assignment management between teachers and students.