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Empowering Futures Through FREE Education

Educating Today, Shaping Tomorrow: Your Investment in Knowledge, Our Bridge to Opportunity.

As we approach this season of holidays, gratitude and joy, we want to express our heartfelt wishes for a Thanksgiving filled with family love, laughter, and an abundance of blessings. May the warmth of family and the joy of shared moments set the tone for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

NEI ( Corp, a 501c3 USA-based organization, was established with a clear mission: to provide quality education for all, empowering youth and citizens for positive change and progress in life.

Public education confronts disparities with charter schools offering alternatives. Underperforming schools, often in minority areas, face unique challenges impacting student outcomes. Passing high school or the GED exam becomes a crucial component for employment and progression in life.

NEI Corp wants to take on the educational challenges faced by the urban youth in the Inner cities, Native American youth, immigrants, and incarcerated youth. Our programs are designed to meet their specific needs, ensuring no one gets left behind. Through these tailored initiatives, NEI Corp is determined to break down educational barriers and create a brighter future for everyone.

Our Courses:

Foundational Course

This course is designed to instil foundational learning and foster a conceptual understanding of essential subjects—English, Math, and Science. Tailored for Middle School and junior high school students, it provides a comprehensive educational experience aimed at building a strong academic foundation in these fundamental areas.

GED Preparation

Our GED Preparation program serves as a recognized bridge to education and boundless opportunity. This comprehensive program is designed for individuals who did not complete their high school education.

ESL Courses for Immigrants

Specialized ESL courses empower immigrants, combining language skills with GED preparation. Our focus is on fostering confidence, and community connections, and equipping individuals for higher education and career advancement.

Native American

Your tax-deductible gift will play a pivotal role in building NEI Corp in the USA. Your generosity empowers us to continue fostering an innovative and inclusive education.

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With immense pride, we share the story of NEIEA – The New Equitable and Innovative Educational Association. Officially registered as a Section 8a non-profit educational organization in India, NEIEA has been the catalyst for profound educational growth.

Our model, inspired by dedication and innovation, has redefined educational norms and has provided quality education to 7000 learners and training for 1,000 teachers. This coming year we intend to provide education for 50,000 children and train 5,000 teachers. Details can be seen on our website