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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the belief behind your organization?

The belief behind NEI is to catalyze a “Renaissance” in the field of education through innovative methods. NEI is a transformative educational agency led by dedicated professionals. It champions quality education with innovative pedagogy, inclusive cultural constructs, and cutting-edge technology. NEI functions as a knowledge-sharing platform for various educational institutions, promoting education for marginalized segments of society.

Does your organization work globally?

Yes, our organisation works globally mainly in India and US.

What do we teach?

We mainly focus on General Equivalency Diploma (GED) preparation for students in the United States which mainly includes English and math.

What is the Outreach goal?

Our Outreach initiative is aimed at actively engaging with families, marginalized communities, and immigrants to support students in their journey towards success through effective communication and community involvement.

How can an NGO/instirute apply for assistance?

Our team meticulously assesses essential requirements such as the availability of LED screens, suitable classroom spaces for children, and a robust Wi-Fi connection. Subsequently, we establish collaborative partnerships with educational institutions, extending the opportunity for free classes to benefit their students.

What is the mission?

To provide good quality and innovative education to all segments of society as we provide free education to the poor and needy and all those who want to study irrespective of their age, background etc.

What are the timings for class?

We understand that our learners have diverse schedules, so we offer flexibility in selecting convenient learning times.

What is the working model?

We deliver comprehensive online education using the innovative Discourse Oriented Pedagogy (DOP) teaching methodology, fostering dynamic and interactive learning experiences. Furthermore, our students gain proficiency in leveraging Google Classroom, a crucial technological tool that enhances our blended learning approach.

Which areas does your organization work in?

NEI is dedicated to empowering youth and providing education to marginalized communities, as well as catering to the educational needs of every sector requiring our support.

Who are the target beneficiaries?

Our commitment to supporting the youth in economically distressed urban communities across the United States stems from a profound understanding of the challenges confronting over 32 million individuals residing in these areas. Our primary focus is on empowering native American youth and immigrant populations within these communities.

What equipment is needed for the Online Class?

A vibrant classroom experience comes to life when equipped with essential tools like a high-quality projector, a powerful CPU, a reliable internet connection, crystal-clear microphones, and immersive speakers. These technological marvels form the backbone of an engaging and interactive learning environment for a group of eager learners . Google Chrome browser is the best software compatible for Google Meet to give a virtual classroom experience.

Do we get certificates after the completion of the course?

Students who actively participate in the class, maintaining a consistent 90% attendance rate, and diligently submitting assignments within designated timeframes, will be recognized and awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Do you also provide Learning Materials?

Physical copies of study materials are not provided; however, teachers do distribute assignments and solutions that are sufficient to pass the NIOS exam. Furthermore, you have the option to consult teachers for more comprehensive understanding, including guidance on online resources and study notes.

What is the time period of course/class?

Our daily classes are thoughtfully crafted to be both concise and engaging, typically lasting for one hour each day. However, we offer the flexibility to extend these sessions to an hour and a half when necessary. This course spans a delightful three-month duration, affording you ample time to fully comprehend the content and advance at a pace that suits your comfort level.

How to get enrolled?

To get in touch with us, kindly visit our website and navigate to the ‘Contacts’ page.

What is the assessment Strategy?

Our assessment strategy involves regular evaluations aligned with the course material. Students will complete quizzes, assignments, and exams to gauge their understanding and progress. Feedback and support from Mentor Teachers ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

Do you also Include education for OOSC(Out of school Children)?

Yes everyone