Mr Basir Mchawi Chairman Of NEI

Basir Mchawi

Chairman of NEI

Mr. Basir Mchawi is a remarkable figure whose career spans activism, education, and communication. With over fifty years devoted to the African Liberation struggle, Mr. Mchawi has emerged as a champion for change.

As an educator, he has held roles from teacher to central office administrator, advocating for independent Black schools. During his tenure in New York City’s Public Schools, he amplified the voices of communities of color as a special assistant to Dr. Richard Green, the city’s first African American Public Schools Chancellor.

Mr. Mchawi co-founded the African Street Carnival, now known as the International African Arts Festival, which celebrates African culture. He recognizes the significance of African cultural practices, having chaired the IAAF for over a decade.

His commitment to community empowerment extends to media. He’s been an editor, contributor, and radio show host, bringing crucial information to the public. Currently, he hosts the award-winning WBAI radio program “Education at the Crossroads” and contributes to local newspapers.

While retired, Mr. Mchawi continues to teach in the CUNY system and remains dedicated to community engagement. His legacy thrives through his tireless dedication to “the people’s” work